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Planning and Implementation

Henning Software provides a complete suite of services designed to make sure you are successful with your use of Visual EstiTrack™ and Visual Books™ software.

Probably the most important step of implementing any manufacturing management system is planning the project. Management and the implementation team need to have a clear understanding of the task at hand. Goals should be set and responsibilities and authorities clearly defined. Without these essentials, the implementation will drag on and you could experience many difficulties. Your executive management team should review Visual EstiTrack™ thoroughly to understand its capability and functionality. They should decide who will be responsible individuals for implementing the system. While many people may be responsible for various aspects of the project, it is highly recommended that a single individual spearhead or champion the effort. This will help keep the project on track and will prevent internal groups from working on diverging paths and lengthening the implementation time.

Training Location Options


Some customers find it impossible to leave their businesses for any length of time. Perhaps a company needs to train several key employees, yet finds it impractical to have more than one person gone at a time. Maybe an owner or other key employee must stay on the job site for whatever the reason. In these cases, on-site training is required. A member of our training staff will travel to your company and train your personnel right at your work place. We will provide training materials and everything required to master your new software.

On-site training also provides a more personal touch. Live customer data should be used as it helps to make more practical examples. It does, however, take some discipline and concentration to avoid the distractions of the shop. Also, you should have proper facilities to train several people at your site. This would mean having a few computers handy which could be located in a conference room where everyone can see and participate.

COST: $1000 per day plus travel and lodging expenses*


It often makes more sense to train in our new training center. We provide several workstations so everyone experiences "hands-on" use of our software products. These workstations are running "live" on our network and any user input is immediately reflected and displayed in the system. Answers to concerns and procedures are experienced firsthand by all trainees. By using multimedia projectors, we're also able to display high resolution screens overhead.

Trainees are able to try things on their own they or can also follow the trainer who may be showing something else on the overhead display. This combination of hands-on with overhead displays is very effective in communicating procedures. We are also connected to the Internet using DSL lines for lightning-fast access. This allows us to service you better.

The biggest advantage of our in-house training option is that it gets you away from the hustle and bustle of the shop and the constant interruptions that often distract you from the task at hand … learning the software. On the other hand, you may want to bring in multiple people and that would increase your costs.

COST: $500 per day per person, $100 per day per additional person*


If neither above scenario is practical, online training is very useful. We use TeamViewer software to access your system. In the comfort of your office, our trainer can address individuals or groups of users (speaker phones are very handy when using this option).

Questions can be posed over the phone and our trainer can demonstrate the procedure "live" by talking over the phone lines, while at the same time manipulating the user's screen. We are actually recognized as authorized users on your software and can manipulate screens from our remote location... as if we were sitting right in front of you running the PC keyboard and mouse.

COST: $125 per hour*

*All training prices are subject to change without notice. Previously negotiated prices will be honored.

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